MacRx is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. We perform Apple warranty repairs and beyond warranty repairs on all Apple computers.

Review the simple steps below to avoid any delays in the repair process:

Before You Come in for Repair

Make notes about the problem(s) you are having. When problems occur, write a note with the time, what you were doing on the computer, and exactly what happened (error messages, odd sounds, shut-down, etc.)

Back up your computer (if you can). If you cannot back up your computer, we can usually do so for an additional charge. Many failures and repairs don’t affect the hard drive or your data, but you will not access your data without a backup until the repair is completed.

If your computer’s password is confidential, change it if you can. We will need to know your administrative password for many repairs, so you may want to change it temporarily.

Mac Rx
Mac Rx

Coming into MacRx for Repair

Stop by MacRx for a free estimate. No appointment is required. Check our store hours and come in at least an hour before we close. Bring your power adapter. If you have a portable computer, an Apple display, or a Mac mini, please bring the power adapter. If you have a Mac Pro, or an iMac, we don’t need any cables at all.

Don’t bring your keyboard and mouse. Unless the problem you are experiencing is related to the mouse or keyboard, you don’t need to bring those with you.

Ask us about upgrades. If you have been thinking about adding more memory (RAM) or a larger hard drive to your computer, we can often complete upgrades without adding time to the repair.

Servicing all Apple computers: MacBooks, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMacs iPhones, Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPad.

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